Production of components

The products we deliver include all necessary certificates, measurement lists, etc. After receiving the goods, our customer can immediately use it for another application.

Here, we provide following:

  • Help of our well experienced designers and technologists, who are working with advanced 3D CAD/CAM software.
  • Production of parts on new CNC machines operated by highly skilled workers.
  • Purchasing of all necessary parts as bear ings, motors, gears, etc. for final assem bling. If needed subcontracting with our long-time trusted partners.
  • Measuring with high-end tools, final assembling and painting, testing on special machines - where required.
  • Protective packing
  • Final report including following:
    • Material certificates
    • Measurement protocols
    • Testing records
    • Other required documents

During all projects we are in close contact with our customer in order to be ready to react quickly on possible changes or adjustments of the project from our customer and of course, to inform on latest progress.

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